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Learning in the Kitchen – Food for Thought!

Food for Thought


1.      Divide a piece of paper into 2 columns, labelled Foods I Like and Foods I Do Not Like.

2.      Work together to think of all the foods that you like. If you can do make your lists in secret so you can have fun sharing them later on!

3.      Next make a list of the foods you don’t like and then share.

Do we all like the same things? Are there any things Mum likes that Dad doesn’t? Do you like the same things as your brother or sister?

This can lead to talking about nutrition and how each of your choices could be altered. Is there anything we could try to move something from the Foods I Do Not Like to the Foods I Like list? Brainstorm different ways to prepare foods on the Do Not Like list to make them acceptable and experiment with them.

Take one item that appears on someone’s Foods I Do Not Like but appears on another’s Foods I Like – can that person persuade the other person to try it? Why not go shopping for the ingredients and make it together?

What’s My Dish?

To play, your child thinks of a food or completed dish. Then, you get to ask ten questions about it. Does it contain mashed potato? Is it Dad’s favourite dish? Do you eat this for pudding? What other dishes does this taste good with?

After asking your ten questions, you have to guess the name of the food or meal. If you guess incorrectly, then your child gets to draw it. This is a lovely fun family game!

Rewards could be a portion of grapes or an apple!


Taste Testing

  • Blindfold
  • Various food items


1.      Blindfold your child and have them identify by taste and smell some  foods (ice cream, pickles, yoghurt, cereal, vegetables, and so on).

2.     Have them describe the different tastes and textures and ask him to group them as sweet, salty, bitter, sour, spicy, or tangy.

Be a Food Critic Tonight!

As a bit of writing fun why not write a review of Mum’s Sunday Roast or Dad’s Saturday night curry!

Mum's Roast Beef Cooked to Perfection

My Mum’s Roast Beef is Better than my Nan’s

As I played on the Wii with dad we could hear the clatter of saucepans in the kitchen getting more frenetic as dinner got nearer to being served. Dad and I chatted in a wave of anticipation and sniffed at the wafts of delicious aromas. We were not disappointed – Mum’s roast dinner was a work of excellence much better than my Nan’s (sorry Nan). The beef was succulent and tender, the veggies cooked to perfection, homemade Yorkshire pudding was fabulous and to top it off, the gravy was divine. 

Think you have what it takes to write reviews? Are you descriptive enough? Will your review be good or bad?

Words to use:
drizzled in
melt in your mouth
Can you add to this list?

 Do send me your Food Critic Reviews! Have fun eating and writing!


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