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TLC Teacher and TLC Kids magazines

I was chuffed when the first issues of these magazines came through my letterbox. I excitedly ripped open the plastic covering and was pleased to see one copy of the teacher magazine and four copies of the kids magazine. Perfect for a Guided Reading session I thought!


Editor Helen Watts has worked very hard to produce an excellent teacher’s magazine that had a great Opinion column by Headteacher Huw Thomas and I loved the Teacher Notes that go with the stories you can listen to on the website.  The UK’s first Laureate for Storytelling, Taffy Thomas, has three audio tales that are also featured in The Literacy Club’s  new publication, Taffy’s Coat Tales.

I also liked the fact that the Kids magazine had some interesting articles and the Teacher Notes in the teacher’s magazine gave you tips on Before Reading; Sharing the Text; Group and Independent Work; Project Work and Writing Activities. There are also Cross Curricular Links and resources to download from the website.

The book reviews are interesting and keep you up to date with the hot picks in Children’s Fiction! There’s also a competition to win Philip Ardagh’s Book of Howlers, Blunders and Random Mistakery – another great reason to subscribe to TLC!

The brief guide to the resources on page 26 will help any teacher add a touch of TLC to their planning – it indicates the Text Type; Literacy Framework planning Units; Key Literacy Skills and Cross-curricular links. I thought this section was particularly useful and I can really see how useful this magazine is going to be to teachers.

My kids loved reading TLC Kids 7 to 11 and they loved the mix of articles, poems and stories. They loved finding out the truth about April Fools Day and my boys were shocked that daffodils produced vomiting and even death! They are big Beardy Ardagh fans and got all excited about the competition to win a free copy of his Book of Howlers. The kids liked the book reviews and Brain-tickling puzzles and loved the comic strip on the back page by Eric Finney.

I think this magazine is going to be a real hit in the classrooms and homes across the country!

The kids love the website


And parents there’s a section for you too!


Thanks Helen for bring us The Literacy Club – it really is fantastic.


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